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The groundbreaking 360-degree color scanning from both shorter to longer range.

The FSV-84 is a new full-circle color scanning sonar with a transducer having highly sensitive elements. It offers high resolution image in all ranges. Its detection range capability has been improved significantly compared to conventional scanning sonar utilizing an equal frequency.

A variety of presentation modes are available for efficient fishing operation in various fishing methods. Adding to conventional presentation modes such as full circle and vertical mode, FSV-84 offers Dual Full Scan mode which simultaneously shows two full-circle scans at different tilt angles or range, and Slant mode for 180-degree half-circle fan picture. Viewing from various perspectives, it helps to detect fish schools faster, to find more lucrative fishing grounds and to grasp the timing of the net shooting.

In addition, FSV-84 features advanced functions such as Auto Filter and a stabilization system for skippers to observe targets even in foul weather conditions. With its user-friendly interface, often-used functions can be enabled in one touch.

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